Corporate Planning
for Public, Private and Non governmental Organizations and large Medium and small programmes and Projects ( Bothe Local and Foreign Funded)...

Projects Management
For Donor funded and Local funded Projects with special emphasis on Quality, Safety, Cost and Time

Time Management
For busy executives and for highly involved Business personnel and for all others who are working and non working

(Sri Lanka Branch)
IMSL- Institute of Management of Sri Lanka
CIWEM - Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Management(Sri Lanka)
SLR - Sri Lankan Railways Revival Committee
SEC - State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka Revival Committee
NVTC - National Vocational Training Council
NQAC - National Quality Award Committee
SLSI - Sri Lanka Standards Institution of Standard Drafting Committee
FIM- Fellow Institute of Management
- Sri Lanka
FIE - Fellow Institution of Engineers
- Sri Lanka
FCIWEM - Fellow Chartered Institute of Environmental Management - UK
MICE - Member Institution of Civil Engineers
- UK
MSLIM - Member Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing
MSLITAD- Member Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development
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MfDR RBPM with MfDR focus
Managing Projects with Quality, Safety, Cost and Time focus

Results Based Project Management(RBPM) with Managing for development Results(MfDR) focusing on Accountability for Quality Safety, Cost and Time (QSCT) specially prepared for developing Countries with special emphasis to Sri Lanka>>

Journal Corporate Planning
Facilitating the preparation of Corporate Plans for Strategic Management of Organizations with COP of "MfDR"
Facilitating the preparation of over 100 Corporate Plans for Public, Private and Non Governmental Organizations of Sri Lanka >>

Journal 500 Training Programmes
Services | Clients
Conducting over 500 Training and Development Programmes, especially in Sri Lanka >>
Services | Clients

Journal Productivity Improvement
Productivity Improvement through Human Resources Development
Conducting over 100 Skill development, Positive Attitude Development, Team Building, Change Management, Leadership and Motivation Seminars and Programmes for the Public , Private and Non Governmental Institutions >>

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